Real Time Radiography Inspection



The NeXray is the new standard in real-time digital imaging.

The NeXray real-time radiography system is made up of two main components—a medical-grade digital detector and an x-ray source—used to generate inspection images digitally and deliver real-time image output.

Engineered to inspect the integrity of girth welds, the NeXray is designed for onshore, offshore, spoolbase, and tie-in use in both small- and large-diameter applications.


The Latest Innovation in Radiography Testing

NeXray’s revolutionary non-destructive testing (NDT) technology for pipeline inspection delivers live digital imaging that reduces processing time compared with conventional radiography. Elimination of cycle times using digital detection means real-time digital delivery of images for inspection of girth welds; onshore, offshore, spool base and tie-in use in both small and large diameter applications.

The NeXray System

NeXray medical-grade digital detector:

Reduces cycle time

  • Up to 90% less time to scan welds than conventional radiography, down from one hour to just over five minutes in certain cases

Exceeds minimum requirements

  • Sensitivity: 1.6% to 2% of wall thickness on code IQI
  • Speed: Up to 60 mm/sec based on WT and material (DWSI/SWSI)

Saves on costs

  • Increased productivity/Reduction in crews

Minimizes environmental footprint

  • Elimination of film and development chemicals/ reduction of radiation

Data Logging/Reporting/Saving/Sharing

Digital images are available for offsite central auditing and are archived to a permanent database.

Available in two configurations:

  • NeXray SP – Standard Performance
  • NeXray XP – Enhanced Performance

With pipe diameters less than 36″ the NeXray 360 is engineered to deliver higher performance than competing real-time radiography systems in: speed, maximum pipe wall thickness capability, setup time, and portability.

With pipe diameters greater than 36″ the NeXray 360 also gives the benefit of inspection others struggle with.

Technical Support

Verispex’s project managers and engineering experts are assigned to every size job to make sure your work is getting done right, and right on schedule. Areas of focus include piping and overall project engineering; with integrity, safety and efficiency always our highest priority throughout all phases of operation.

Additional Product Information/Benefits

  • Industrial temp OP specs (-40º to +50ºC)
  • Up to 48″ x 1.00 WT SWSI / DWSI Capable
  • Minimized profile for low clearance applications
  • Portable for a two-person crew to manually handle in/out of pipeline ditches
  • Equivalent to Class I Film, but at faster speeds
  • Meets ISO 2504, BS 7009, ISO 17636-2 (Spatial Resolution and Signal to Noise) and ISO 19232-5 (Duplex Wires) specifications