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Specialist Inspection

Trained and Certified

Verispex is a global company with feet on the floor around the world, ready to mobilise when and where you need us. Our team are trained and certified as needed for your location. Verispex are leaders in technological capability with an internal engineering group dedicated to the development of solutions that continually improve the testing and inspection process, whilst minimising our footprint on the planet.


About Us

Our Mission

Verispex is a leader in specialist inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), and heat treatment services. Our mission is to provide our customers with a full range of services that can successfully take them from design and engineering to resourcing and execution.

About us


Quality, compliance, and safety are the key elements that give your project the green light to completion and no one knows better what it takes to get there than Verispex. Our consultation services include assistance with material selection, design and production in even the most demanding environments on earth.

Energy companies, engineering contractors, oilfield service companies, fabricators, and material producers across the world turn to Verispex to assist in navigating the complex path to safe, compliant, on-spec projects. Verispex can help your development team to achieve the strongest foundation for success during every phase of production.